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The Story of The Winescape

The Winescape represents getting bigger than
the circumstances we all encounter in order to
reach our goals. Winston Churchill said if
you're going through hell, keep going. He also
used to start each day with a bottle of Pol
Roger champagne.  All around great advice. In
the beginning we donated more Winescapes to
charity and auction fund raisers than we were
selling. Since then we have been blessed with
the best customers including the "who's who"
of Los Angeles, Hollywood, New York, and
everywhere in between.

Patents Pending
More than meets the eye.  We use a simple
combination of structural design, spatial
geometry, modified ellipses, custom tooling,
and American craftsmanship. They all must
come together. The bottles must be held
securely and the mounts must be rock solid.

The Winescape is distinguished by hand
selected premium hardwoods, discrete
mounting, wine label presentation, and a
powerful eye-catching presence. Choosing
hardwood for your interior design is a matter of
taste. The stability of the mount and bottles is a
question of safety. A bottle cannot fall out of a
Winescape any more than a key can fall out of
a lock. Once you insert a bottle in your rack it
will stay there until it's removed.

The Winescape is fit to hold most all standard
wine bottles as shown. Instructions and special
mounting screws are included. Racks holding
up to 6 bottles must be mounted to at least
5/8" thick sheet rock(standard wall). For racks
over 6 bottles, a 2x4 stud within the wall is
required. The total width, with bottles installed,
is 20 inches.  Allow for 3 more inches on each
side of the rack for room to take bottles in and
out. You can also mount your rack near a
corner and just use one side of it. The racks on
this site are not for use in moving craft such as
yachts or RV's. Another design is available for
those applications.

Wood and Finishes and Going Green
Our wood is kept all natural throughout it's own
eco-friendly "green" process. We use no
chemicals or stains or dyes. Before shipping
we apply a custom mix of wax and natural
orange oil to each rack to start the journey.
Your rack can ship bare if you prefer for your
own stain matching. The wood can be
maintained with any wood/furniture care
product you prefer. No two pieces are alike.
Each vary in grain, knots, eyes, checking and
color tone which is part of their natural beauty.
Finally, the ventilation system in our production
shop is entirely solar powered. We will
eventually run every machine this way.

Shipping, Exchanges, Returns
For returns please contact us. If your
Winescape is purchased as a gift and the wood
type is not to the recipients' taste then we can
make an exchange. Please allow 7-10 days in
our production cue.

Special Orders
Contact us about specific lengths, capacities,
wood, rosettes, or angled bottles. Any feature
not shown on the buying page is a custom
feature.  See our customer page for pictures
including a custom 9' foot, 42 bottle capacity
Winescape. We often solve problems like the
one they had. Space was
limited in their new
condo and
this space saving wine rack worked
out well for them